MAXIM Human Performance. 


 MAXIM Human Performance

 Has ONE Goal....

 Eliminate muscular weaknesses and

imbalances by restoring muscular

contraction and strengthening with

specific resistance challenges.

 MAXIM Human Performance has

  ONE Thought Process....

 Analyzing, preparing and challenging

the body by using the Foundational

Principles of:

Muscle Activation Techniques.

Resistance Training Specialist.

MAXIM Human Performance will

make sure ONE is Ready

For Exercise....

By providing a strong, stable

environment to either build a new

or enhance a current Exercise Program

or Activity of Interest.


              Muscle Activation Techniques: 

                   5-Pack, 10-Pack or 20-Pack    

                     as low as $70/Session.*  

                 Resistance Training:

                  5-Pack, 10-Pack or 20-Pack    

                     as low as $70/Session.* 

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-Muscle Activation Techniques.

-Joint Stability.

-Muscular Strength.

-Muscular Endurance.

-Pre/Post/Mid Rehab/Therapy.

-Pre-Surgery Stabilization.


-Positional Isolation.

-Specifically Designed Muscular Challenges.

-Program Design.