MAXIM Human Performance. 



Q: How do I get started with MAXIM Human Performance? What is the easiest way to contact Anthony Ruffolo?

A: [email protected].

Q: Where is MAXIM Human Performance located??

A: MAXIM Human Performance is a Private and Exclusive In-Home Sports Medicine Company. MAXIM operates throughout the

 Chicago Land Area and brings its Professional Services of Physical Rehabilitation and MAT Resistance Training into the comfort

of your own Personal Residence.

Q: What is Muscle Activation Techniques? How do I find out more about it?


Q: What is involved in the Resistance Training Specialist Certification? How is it different than all of the other certifications

     in the Health Industry?


Q: What is typically involved in a MAXIM Human Performance Session?

A: First and foremost, it always depends on who I am working with and what you have that day to work with during your session.

     MAXIM follows a specific Flowchart so that you understand the thought process of a typical session from taking you from

     Function to Performance. We will explain it to you in detail before your first session with us.

Q: How many sessions do I have to commit to?

A: After your initial Consultation, Evaluation and Paperwork, the minimum commitment is 5 Sessions.

     You Receive A 25% Discount On Your Initial Minimum Commitment!


Q: How do I pay for my MAXIM Human Performance sessions?

A: Cash, Money Orders, Cashier's Check or Personal Checks payable to Anthony Ruffolo.